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Camera Security System Installations

IP CCTV Camera System Contractor - NYC

Neteam Solutions is New York Cities premier professional security camera system (CCTV) installer. Servicing Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Long Island. We are full insured and have been in business for over 15 years servicing the NYC merto area. We offer everthing from security camera service, support and CCTV maintence agreements. Please contact us for more details and for a free estimate.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is currently the fastest growing segment in the private sector security market, and with ample reason. A CCTV installation provides your company the safety, efficiency and verifiability only associated with video records of business affairs. This is pertinent to many aspects of a business, including general security surveillance, monitoring for insurance purposes, and as a deterrent to shoplifting in a retail environment.

CCTV camera security systems can be comprised of merely a single camera and monitor or be very elaborate. A more complex system may include hundreds of cameras, digital recorders, and multiple operators. The characteristics of the system naturally depend on your security requirements and the nature of their application. In every instance, however, CCTV remains a cost-effective and reliable means by which to achieve around-the-clock security available from no other technology.

Neteam provides custom security camera system installations and servicing for both business and home CCTV systems. Our company has experience in all camera security system installations ranging from all kinds of commercial businesses and large office site to major construction sites and government locations. Typically, a CCTV installation greatly reduces our client’s annual security budget by providing inexpensive and auditable oversight.

Our available security solutions are distinguished by their diversity and their breadth. We offer customized applications for the retail sector, rapid deployment for local authority, intelligent video analytics for public places, ANPR (auto number plate recognition) for private and public roads. Neteam also has experience implementing specialized hospitality, military, anti terrorism and extreme CCTV solutions. Many of these support capabilities like night vision, computer assisted operation, and motion-detection notification.

Installation Specialists

As a Professional Security Camera System Installer in NYC, all systems, irrespective of their size and components, are installed to industry standards by our experienced security technicians. Their knowledge of all major types of systems (Hikvision, Digital Watchdog, ONVIF, Tyco, Axis) and the technical infrastructure and networking requirements each system demands, assures that your CCTV installation will be dependable, high performance, and low-maintenance. 

With each installation, Neteam offers full service and maintenance contracts, as well as free upgrades to all IP-based surveillance systems regardless of the size of the project. Toll-free phone and email support are provided with all service contracts as well.

CCTV is a proven security vehicle for small and large businesses alike. The emergence of internet-based systems further extends their versatility by accommodating remote access from any PC. Contact with a Neteam representative to learn about all our security solutions, including integrated systems with complimenting access control and alarm provisions. After which, we can coordinate to perform a free site survey to determine the best solution for your site.

Neteam Solutions offers CCTV, Camera and surveillance security services to businesses in the following Areas. NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, Nassau County, Downtown Manhattan, Uptown Manhattan, East Side and West Side Manhattan, and all metro areas of the New York City area.

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Neteam Solutions Inc. services the New York City Metro Area as well as Nassau County, parts of Yonkers, Whiteplains, and North Eastern New Jersey. Our remote support services are available to all companies nationwide.

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